Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Survey sent to Potential Members

This NEW CLUB SURVEY is in response to a high interest in the establishment of an Advanced Toastmasters club with an emphasis on Humour. If you did not receive this survey please contact us at The survey is to provide as much detail as possible to help us get a more accurate feel for a club environment. We fully understand that a club will change as members gather and a chemistry is developed. We also appreciate that a tremendous amount of detail will not surface until a formal gathering has taken place. This is merely a starting point - to assist those on the organizing committee to prepare as best as possible for the initial stages of a new club. The more people we can get to the first meeting the better feel we will have for the interests of the membership. For a club to grow and flourish, it must be clear on its mission - to serve the needs of its members.
-Joan M., Palmo C.

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