Monday, May 3, 2010

More Champions

Wit Pleasure Members Recognized throughout Western Canada and North-Western United States as the District 42 Winners (pronounced "weiners")

David Haines - 2009 Humourous Speech
Nandini Venkatesan - 2010 Evaluations
Russ Dantu - 2010 International Speech

Could they have won without being members of our Club? Perhaps.
Did being a Member of Wit Pleasure add to their speeches; increased the calibre of their presentation; provided opportunity to utilize techniques practiced in our meetings; been given unconditional support not found in any other venue outside of AA meetings; forced to become better or else be ridiculed by "friends" who just point and laugh and hurl insults at them to increase their tolerance of hecklers which in turn prepare them for family dinner events... Absolutely!

We are so proud of you. Remember to mention the Club's name whenever the opportunity arises (like in church or at funerals). And remember to mention Names - none of that "so many people to thank they know who they are" CRAP.

Oh Ya, one more thing. We need to update this more often than just once a year when Russ wins a contest or we'll have to change the name of this blog.

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