Thursday, August 25, 2011

Workshop: Humourize your speech!

Workshop: August 27/11 - special Wit Pleasure presentation at Club Officer Training, Calgary, Alberta

Abstract: Humour is a valuable tool for a speaker. When used appropriately, it can relax an audience and help the audience members to connect with the speaker. People enjoy laughing, and are likely to remember the key points of a speech if they are amused. A humourous speech does not have to consist of a series of build-ups and punch lines to be successful; everybody has a different sense of humour, and it’s important for speakers to capitalize on their own strengths. In this workshop the presenters will illustrate techniques that can be used to incorporate humour into any speech. Participants will take part in “humourizing” a speech excerpt, and will have the opportunity to assess their own types of humour.It doesn’t take a stand-up comedian to deliver a humour speech. Anybody can do it.

Presenters' bios:

Dayna Tees, CC. VP of Membership at Wit Pleasure. Toastmaster since 2006. Librarian by day, and wanna be comedienne by night, Dayna has always tried to incorporate funny stories and anecdotes into her speeches and in her work as library manager for a chemical company. Dayna still remembers the day when she was teaching scientists about the exciting world of patent searching and they all fell asleep on her! That was the day when she made a promise to become the most entertaining librarian anyone had ever seen before – so that no one would ever dare to fall asleep on her again!

Deborah Thompson, ACB, ALB has been a Toastmaster since 2007 and a member of Wit Pleasure since 2010. She is a database administrator and developer, which pretty much translates into "computer geek", although she generally prefers "computer god". And no - she won't fix your computer. Deborah loves making people laugh, and her sole goal in Toastmasters is to be entertaining enough to win the "Best Table Topics" ribbon every week. Her family features heavily in her humourous speeches, and thus she has no Thanksgiving plans this year.

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